Master Data Management partner, has launched a new course on Data Ethics and responsible AI, extending our data governance curriculum.

 The 3-hour course, by Diana Ascher, PhD, MBA is developed in partnership with the EDM Council and delves into the importance of data ethics & responsible AI in data management organizations. It identifies basic ethical principles pertaining to data and describes how these arise from three general ethical frameworks. Participants will consider the data ethics implications of several case studies and current events. Participants will learn how to recognize the data ethics aspects of the DCAM framework for application in real-world situations.

 You will learn:
• What data ethics really means
• The many forces driving urgency of data ethics
• The benefits and harms that can result from data
• The risks of data breaches
• The importance of trust and how it is created
• How data ethics integrates into the 8 components of DCAM
• The very strong relationships of data ethics and data governance
• Three steps toward data ethics actualization

Diana Ascher is the director of the IS Lab at UCLA and founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute, which bridges information studies research and praxis through accredited programming for data and information workers.

As Senior Advisor on Data Ethics & Responsible AI to the EDM Council, Dr. Ascher helps ensure the world’s leading organizations develop ethical data management policies and practices.

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