You have a three year business strategy

Is it supported by your three-year data strategy?

If your business sees data as a strategic asset then it is clear that your data strategy must be aligned to and driven by business goals. To this end, a comprehensive data strategy must consider and plan for the changes that need to take place across people, processes and technology in order to move the business forward.

The details of a strategy will differ from business to business, however, the goals of most data strategies should be:

  • To ensure that IT projects are aligned to business needs and focused on business priorities through data excellence and information management
  • To Increase operational efficiency by identifying and addressing key business process failures that impact data integrity
  • To reduce data-related risk through pragmatic information risk management.

Your company's data strategy sets the foundation for everything you do related to data.

Analyst Report

Changing the rules of data
Analyst report: Changing the rules of data
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Build a winning strategy

Any successful data management strategy must adapt to the needs of the organisation.

Our local experience spans multiple industries - including mining, financial services, telecommunications and government, as well as companies of different sizes and organisational cultures.

Our consultants understand that our approach needs to adapt to the level of maturity, the size and the culture of the organisation to deliver incremental improvement and a plan that can grow with you.


Data Strategies for Accelerating the ROI of Analytics
Checklist: Data Strategies for Accelerating the ROI of Analytics
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Create a data management plan

Business Strategy

Identify key business goals and objectives.

Goals are the outcomes you intend to achieve, whereas objectives are the specific actions and measurable steps that you need to take to achieve a goal.

For example, a business goal may be:

  • To Increase the sale pipeline

Objectives to support that may be:

  • Increase the conversion rate of leads
  • Increase outbound call quantity per sales rep

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